The Musical History of Bob & the Beachcombers - Part II

Bob & the Beachcombers 1991

The addition of the Motown Magic theme party show featuring the group The Wright Choice made this band the most versatile show group in the Midwest.

Motown Magic with the Wright Choice

Bob the Beachcomber

Motown Magic with the Wright Choice

Bob the Beachcomber

This is also the year that Bob put together his Bob the Beachcomber family and children's show that soon also featured his four year old son, as Surfer Shawn. The new program was a hit and Shawn was the star of the show as they travelled throughout the Twin Cities and southern Minnesota performing at Kindercares, ECFE events, county fairs, schools, and concerts in the park. By the time he was five, though, Shawn had had enough and he retired to focus on his education as he entered kindergarten at Oak Ridge Elementary School.

Bob & the Beachcombers 1995 - 1997

It was the best Beachcombers yet, but eventually Dick left to devote full time to the Teddy Bear Band and Bill retired from the group to work as a solo act. Steve "Moondoggy" Fuller signed on as lead guitarist and Daryl Eastburg took over on bass.

1995 was highlighted by their triumphant return to Valleyfair in their unique and original show called, "Summer Magic", along with the amazing "Magic of Dexter!"

Bob & the Beachcombers 1998 - 2001

Bob & the Beachcombers
1998 - 2001

After a few more years of traveling the Midwest with the Beachcombers, Daryl Eastburg decided to retire from rock & roll and took a full time position at a Twin Cities digital technology company. His position was filled by several bass players over the next couple of years, including Mike Barnett, Dave "Fuzzy" Garnett, Brian Beauchamp, Al Schilling and Steve "Woody" Wyss (pictured with the sax).

Steve Fuller was replaced by guitarist Mike Fischell (pictured) and later the very talented Steve Paris. Edgar Murphy hung in there awhile, but eventually took a day job that limited his ability to travel and had to retire from the band. He was replaced by Mark Buelow for two years, and later by Guy "Garr" Johnson, of Rockin' Hollywoods fame.